Beacon Sports: NBA MVP race gets tighter as season nears end

A MVP player commentary by Beacon Sports Editor Kyle Beck. Disagree? Send us your comments at or

Basketball DrivingFor the past few seasons, it seems as if the best player in the National Basketball Association debate has been a two player race between Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul.

However, this season fans have been blessed with a most valuable player race that keeps getting tighter and tighter with every game played. I don’t think the league has seen this kind of talent and spectacular play in a very long time.

Lebron James: The front-runner for the award right now is Lebron James. People forget sometimes because of what he does that he is still only 24 years old, just a few years older than most students here.

James is averaging 28.6 points per game, 7.6 rebounds per game, and 7.3 assists per game. He is the only legitimate threat to Oscar Robertson, who was the only other player to average a triple-double in a season. James has the perfect size, quickness, vision and drive to be able to accomplish this feat.

I believe in the next couple of seasons we will see Lebron average a triple-double; he has his best years ahead of him still.

The Michael Jordan comparisons will arise even more now that the Cavaliers are starting to look more and more like the Bulls of the mid 90s. Jordan started out his career struggling to make the playoffs and making a deep run before becoming a powerhouse.

The same goes for James who has the Cavs at number one in the East right now. And Mo Williams is looking like James’ version of Scottie Pippen. It is hard to deny James’ stats, and how he has taken the Cleveland franchise to new heights.

He is the face of the NBA, and for good reason, he may be the best player and deserves the MVP.

Kobe Bryant: Then there is Kobe Bryant, who despite the fact that many people don’t like him, is still one of the game’s best players. Averaging 27.7 ppg he is arguably the best pure scorer in the league. He can score in such a wide variety of ways that it is nearly impossible to guard him with just one player.

The only knock on Kobe is that the Lakers have way more talent than the other MVP candidates do, and it is quite possible that if you take Kobe off the Lakers, they are still a pretty good team. And because of his sometimes cocky, arrogant attitude he turns many people away from being a fan.

No matter if you like him or not, you have to respect the fact that he is an incredible player and appreciate what he means to the

Dwyane Wade: Last but not least is Dwyane Wade of the nearby Miami Heat, who leads the league in scoring at 29.8 ppg. In my opinion most valuable player means that player is the most important to his team, and if Wade keeps his level of play up, it will be hard to deny him the award.

If you take him off the Heat, they are no where near a playoff team, even in the East. He carries that team and makes everyone else on the floor with him step up and play better.

A long-shot to win is Chris Paul who if not already, in the near future will be the best point guard in the NBA. He averages 22 ppg, and leads the league in assists at 11 a game. He will at some point in his career win the MVP award, but this is probably not his year with three other spectacular players ahead of him.

So as the season nears the end, fans of basketball get a chance to watch some amazing performances by the game’s greatest players. And, who knows, maybe a shared MVP award?


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