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Video: Student band makes SALSA dance party a hit

Beacon editor Jessica Zaluzec was on hand at the first ever SALSA night dance party in Weyenburg, April 25, led by a live student band.

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Found: Friendly Gummy bear parking reminders

Photo by Jen HerringCourtesy of Beacon editor Jen Herring.

The geniuses behind the building and planning of the Walt Disney parks in Orlando really got things right when they color coordinated the parking lots. Yeah I guess it isn’t so hard to remember that you parked on level 5 but its just so much easier to remember that you parked in the Peter Pan level E instead.

Apparently, some good Samaritan has initiated the same concept in the Dixie Parking garage by sticking a different colored gummy bears on the wall in the stairwell of each floor of the parking lot. Each color coordinates with a different level.

Thanks a lot friendly Samaritan, for the helpful reminder that I parked on Green Gummy bear level (a.k.a. level three.)

Find something random or weird on campus? Snap a picture and send it to!

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Student dancers appear in music video directed by PBA alum

Three PBA students, Junior Chiara Casiraghi, sophomore Etta Preist and freshman Tiffany Teate, were recently featured in Christian recording artist Philip LaRue‘s latest music video for his single, “Chasing the Daylight.” The video features LaRue’s band playing the hit song on the beach while the Casiraghi and the other dancers performed some moves on the sand. The video was directed by another local, alum student Noah Carlson. Check it out here!

We recently caught up with Casiraghi to find out what it was like to work on set and how everything came together.

“Being in the video was a lot of fun I really enjoyed every aspect. The rehearsals, going on “set” to see what we would be dancing on, hanging out with Phillip, meeting his wife and baby, and hanging out with all the crew. And I loved the filming because it was so professional and serious, we were all focused on doing our best. The dancing part of the shoot took about one day.

Noah Carlson, the director, got my number from a mutual friend because he wanted dancers and a choreographer. We met and discussed what he was looking for regarding the video. I showed him some videos of me and my choreography. Ultimately it was Phillips who had the final say and I was very happy to have been chosen to work for them”

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Photo of the week: First annual Strongman competition draws crowds

Photo by Kristina WebbThe first annual Strong man competition took place this Thursday, April 23, to a crowd of over 100 people outside the Greene complex. Tim Wysocki came out victorious as the first place winner over the six other competitors in events such as the truck pull and tire throw. For full coverage, check out the Beacon issue coming out this Monday!

Check out some of the photos of the event snapped by Beacon Photo Editor Kristina Webb.

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Beacon gets exclusive update on presidential search; 8 applicants expected to be interviewed soon

An inside source spoke to us this morning on the highly secretive presidential search process. The presidential search committee has kept the details of the potential candidates extremely confidential but we were able to get some details from a credible inside source.

According to our source, there have been 70 inquiries and referrals for the presidential position since Dr. David W. Clark’s resignation was announced.

Out of those inquiries, the presidential search committee is seriously considering eight applicants, all eight of which are qualified and available to take over the presidential position this summer. There is still some reference checking to be done but the committee is expecting to begin interviews soon.

Finally, committee members are confident that a new president will be chosen this summer, just in time for Clark’s resignation on June 30.

We’re doing our best to stay on top of this story for you and we’ll be making information available as it is known.

Got a lead? Let us know at

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Beacon Comic: Excellent Ellie in Action!

Pt. 1Part 2

Graphic by the Beacon’s resident cartoon artist, Valerie Mojica.

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We got a little excited about this


Another late night at the Beacon office has us going crazy. But we stumbled upon this during our last layout session of the year, set to come out on April 27th (this upcoming Monday). Our photo-shopped “Sea Kitten”   pictures come up when you Google search Palm Beach Atlantic University chapel credits. WIN.

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Freebie Alert: Rita’s water ice

Happy Earth Day! Rita’s Water Ice on Lake Drive will be celebrating the global initiative by offering a free regular Italian ice to everyone who walks in the door. Rita’s on Lake Ave. also happens to the be the first and only “Green” location and will be turning off thier lights today to conserve energy. Need directions? Click here.

Check out the Beacon’s review of Rita’s on Lake Ave. here.

Questions? Let us know at

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Beacon reviews: 17 Again

17 Again The Beacon’s Marissa Barkey attended this weekend’s top grossing film, the widely anticipated “17 Again” staring High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron. Efron joins a cast of comedic veterans such as Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, Matthew Perry and Michelle Trachtenberg for a comedic ride down memory lane. The main character, played by Perry is a father who finds himself facing some serious regrets of the choices he made when he was still just a teen in High School. After a peculiar encounter with a stranger, Perry transforms into the young 17-year old body of Efron and is forced to head back to High School and try to re-live the memories and correct some mistake’s.

I was skeptical about going to see this movie. A flick with a teenybopper favorite, Zac Efron as the starring role. All in all, “17 Again” isn’t going to blow away the audience by deconstructing genres or through the performances of the actors. However, it is very entertaining. The audience for this movie is not teenagers as much as it adults who like to contemplate going back to high school and correcting a major mistake.

To me, the film resembled a teen high school version of the popular syndicated sitcom “Friends,”  because both have the  same rather eccentric jokes and inappropriate situations which become more comfortable after a slight ruckus. The scenes of Efron trying to convince his teen kids to change are rather amusing as is the moment when he is caught romancing his older wife, as a teenager. But it is still a nice enough laugh full of traditional family values and the right tone -without overdoing the whole silly twist . Continue reading

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Signs, Signs, Signs: Tax Day TEA rally in downtown WPB

On April 15th, nearly 750 anti-tax rallies took place across the country where crowds of frustrated, mostly conservative protestors gathered to send a message back to Washington D.C. The event paid homage to the historic Boston Tea Party of 1773, and was prompted by Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC when he called for a “Chicago Tea Party” to protest President Obama’s spending policies. Over 1,000 people crowded downtown West Palm Beach for the TEA party, or Tax Enough Already rally, including several students and plenty of alumni.

Senior Nick Byrd was on the scene and sent us his favorite pictures of the event including shots of some very interesting signs.

Don’t forget to check out the Beacon’s front page article on the rally by Beacon contributing writer Vanessa Naggy at the Beacon homepage.

Also, check out our video of the event below! Questions or comments? Send them to

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Vote now for the Best of Palm Beach guide!

The Beacon blog is proud to announce its first ever Best of Palm Beach guide for 2009. Voting starts now and will officially close on May 4th. Winners will be announced May 7th in celebration of the graduating class of 2009. Send in your picks for the best pizza place, best view of Palm Beach and best place to eat on a budget!

To vote, click on the “Best of Palm Beach” tab at the top at the top of the page or simply click here.

Questions? Send them to

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Photo of the Week: “Cha Cha real smooth now”

Photo courtesy of Cheyanne LentThere were around 175 people dancing the night away at last night’s Spring Formal, hosted by Student Activities and that held at the Iron Horse Country Club in West Palm Beach. Thanks to event organizer Cheyanne Lent for sending us this picture of the dance floor at the heat of the moment during everyone’s favorite dance, the Cha Cha Line Dance.

Got a picture you would like to share? Send us your best shot to for a chance to get featured on the blog.

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Undercover Youtube video on what would happen if Rinker went co-ed, a must see

About a week ago, the Beacon was tipped off to a Youtube video made by an anonymous student showing a behind the scenes look as to what would happen if Rinker turned into an all boy’s dormitory hall. For the record, Rinker Hall is not becoming a co-ed dorm, and it never has been for that matter despite the subliminal message of the video.

We sat down with the anonymous creator of the video to find out why he or she made the video and why they don’t think the video has offensive content.

Beacon Blog: Who was responsible for putting the video together and why did they decide to make a video like that?

Video Creator: I just thought it would provide a little humor for students. I was hoping people would see it and laugh a little; which is something that seems to happen so seldom. Where have pranks and practical jokes gone other than on The Bacon?

BB: What kind of message are you trying to send with that movie?

VC: Truly, there is no direct message, other than I think if it happened that Rinker went co-ed it would be overthrowing our only male dorm. It was just a creative spin I thought of, I think PBA students would find it and laugh. Continue reading


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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match: A Fiddler on the Roof Review

Photo courtesy of

Beacon Editor Jessica Zaluzec caught “Fiddler on the Roof” this weekend at the Kravis Center. Check out what she thought of the production, the cast and the notable orchestra.

“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, look through your book and make me a perfect match.” The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts has found the perfect match as they recently hosted Broadway Across America’s Fiddler on the Roof guest starring, Israeli actor Chaim Topol.

The musical takes place in early 20th century Russia. Tevye, played by Topol, and his wife, Golde, have five daughters. The family is poor, and they’re trying to marry the girls off through the services of the village matchmaker, but times are changing and the girls are discovering their own true loves. In addition, there are religious difficulties, and the Russian government gets involved in the villagers’ lives, but Tevye, his family and his friends remain steadfast in their belief that the old traditions will carry them forward and continue to bring them happiness and success.

Topol gave an outstanding performance Friday night. From the first song, “Tradition” to the last song “Anatevka,” his eyes, hand and foot works were the markings of a master. After all, he is not a guest to the role. He originated the role on London’s West End, starred in the 1971 film adaptation of the play in which he won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award and has been in one revival after another ever since. Besides Topol’s perfect performance, the group did an outstanding job. Each actor played their part with passion. I could honestly relate to the character’s feelings. I laughed with them during songs like “If I were a Rich Man”; I cried with them with songs like and “Sunrise, Sunset.” I felt was right up there dancing with the cast. Afterwards, I found myself humming and tapping my foot to the songs. I can’t forget to commend the orchestra. They were right on cue; the music was awe-inspiring.

Fiddler on the Roof is a sweet, moving family musical; I highly recommend.

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Happy Weekend: Overheard at PBA, Softball vs. Baseball

Two girls walking out of Desantis family chapel.

Girl #1: What’s the deal with Culture Week? Don’t they think we have enough culture already?

Girl #2: I know! If they would just go into any boys’ dorm room, they would find culture in every sneaker.

From a certain Bible professor, speaking to his class on his claim to fame.

Professor: “I want to be tagged in a story with the phrase ‘rugged good looks’ attached to my name. Then I will know that I have made it; I want to be in the Beacon or even the Bacon for that matter.

*Correction: previously said, “I have rugged good looks that’s now I know I have made it. I know I’ve made it if I make it in the Beacon… or the Bacon for that matter.”*

Two girls working in the Student Publications (the Beacon office) discussing headlines for this week’s issue:

Girl #1: “I have an idea for a headline”

Girl #2: “Really? What is it?

Girl #1: “Well I found it on the internet but here it is: ‘Everyone says that softball and baseball are the same things, but who plays with the bigger balls?’ What do you think?”

Did you overhear a hilarious conversation? Let us know at


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The Beacon is looking for contributors!

Do you draw amusing cartoons, editorial or otherwise? Would you like to contribute your artwork to the Beacon next year? If so, send an e-mail and a sample of your artwork to We are hoping to expand the Opinion and Features sections with some student-produced illustrations.

Are you interested in photography? Have you ever taken a picture and thought to yourself, “I could publish this?” Do you often find yourself taking pictures of events and people around campus and downtown West Palm Beach? The Beacon is looking for contributing photographers who can capture the emotion and vibrancy of our small campus community.

(But wait, what about writers?)

Yes, the Beacon is looking for reporters as well. The staff of the Beacon is made up of students from all majors and degree levels. Whatever you are studying, we would love to have you. Writing experience is necessary, and you must be willing to learn the basics of AP Style (which is really not difficult).

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please visit the Student Publications office or e-mail for an application. All applications must be received by April 20, 2009.
We hope to hear from you soon!

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Michael Moore’s Sicko comes to campus, students hope to start critical dialogue

Academy Award nominated documentarian Michael Moore iSicko posters notorious for ruffling some feathers. Moore’s critics have unleashed years or commentary on the director, everything from being,”unfair,” to “stupid,” and even “immature,” to put it nicely. His 2007 film focused on the American health care system, “Sicko,” did not fail generate the same criticism. The film compares the American health system to a business scam, which Moore claims to be focused on generating a profit rather than actually helping the American people.

Befitting to Moore’s reputation, it’s not wonder that when students propose to show, “Sicko” on the Rinker Green, they are met with some resistance. Several students will be showing the film on Thursday, April 23 at 7:30 p.m. as part of an ongoing “Documentary Discussion Night” event. Along with showing the film, organizers have lined up guests to speak on the issues raised in the film, all in the name of promoting critical discussion. Oh yeah, there will also be free pizza.

We sat down with one of the organizers of the event, junior Ricardo Aguillar, to talk about the event and exactly why faculty have opted not to participate.

Beacon Blog: Why did you want to start an event like this?

Aguillar: I wanted to start a discussion. I don’t want students to believe everything they hear. I want people to critize what they hear. Some professors like the idea of having a documentary shown followed by a talk but some of them do not like the specific movie we are showing so they have decided not to participate.

BB: Why did you choose to play “Sicko?”

Aguillar: Because I want students to go and criticize things on their own. We’re college students and we should be able to analyze whether something is right or not. Universal Health care sounds nice but how does it affect taxes, profit and the lives of people? These are all things we should discuss. If we stay engaged and educated in a topic, maybe we could make a difference. Continue reading


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PBA Local presents: Best of Palm Beach categories for 2009 Guide

The Beacon staff is proud to announce the official categories for the first ever Best of Palm Beach Guide for 2009. We will be accepting nominations for each category below until April 20th, next Monday, and voting will begin that week. Send us your pick for best of Palm Beach. Got other suggestions? Let us know at or


Best place to eat in City Place

Best place to eat on Clematis

Best sushi spot

Best place to eat on a budget

Best Happy Hour, Food or Drink

Best place to grab a coffee

Best breakfast spot

Best ethnic restaurant

Best overall restaurant

The Weekend:

Best thing to do on a long weekend

Best way to spend a Friday night

Best place to catch a movie

Best spot to work on your tan, on or off campus

Best place to experience night life

Best place to go hot tubing

Best view in Palm Beach

Best quiet spot for a Bible Study

On and around Campus:

Best place to use a meal swipe

Best place to study

Best place to procrastinate

Best fitness class on campus


Best mall in the area

Best place to get sunglasses

Best men’s clothing store

Best women’s clothing store

Best Unisex clothing store

Best place for hair services

Extras/ Lifestyle

Best place to work out

Best beach spot

Most photogenic palm beach location

Best Hotel accommodation for out of town guest

Best off-campus housing

Send in your nominations via e-mail at or

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Found: Remnants of Easter

Found, Easter EditionIf Easter crept up on your quicker than you can say “Final Exams,” we feel your sentiment. But it’s true, random Easter bunnies on campus means that Spring time has finally made it’s way to the academic semester and there is officially three weeks left of classes until the year is over. For some of us, it’s a nice reminder that stressful classes and jobs will soon be over.

Thank you kind stranger for the subtle reminder.

Find something weird or interesting on campus? Snap a picture and send it to or

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Freebie alert: Chick-fil-A keep your receipt day

Happy Tax Day! In honor of the season, and considering the current economic state of the nation, Chick-fil-A is giving back with their “Keep your Receipt” campaign. Anything purchased today at the Northlake, Gardens Mall, Wellington Mall, or Palm Beach Lakes location is free upon your next visit between April 16- May 15 upon proof of receipt.

This is the second of two “Keep your Receipt” days of the year, the first being on October 15th, also known as Tax Extension Day.

“In these economic times, we are delighted to help take the edge off and offer a free meal to our customers. It should be a busy but fun day,” said owner and operator of the Palm Beach Lakes location, Rob Morris.

The staff at the Chick-fil-A location on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. has been prepping for the expected crowds to flock the store by stocking up on extra products.

“We’ve been prepared with extensive staff scheduling and making sure we have a lot of food prepared,” said Chick-fil-A Marketing Director, Erin Fields. “Our supplies are fully ordered and we are definitely prepared.”

Questions or comments? E-mail us at or at

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