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Video: Student band makes SALSA dance party a hit

Beacon editor Jessica Zaluzec was on hand at the first ever SALSA night dance party in Weyenburg, April 25, led by a live student band.

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Found: Friendly Gummy bear parking reminders

Photo by Jen HerringCourtesy of Beacon editor Jen Herring.

The geniuses behind the building and planning of the Walt Disney parks in Orlando really got things right when they color coordinated the parking lots. Yeah I guess it isn’t so hard to remember that you parked on level 5 but its just so much easier to remember that you parked in the Peter Pan level E instead.

Apparently, some good Samaritan has initiated the same concept in the Dixie Parking garage by sticking a different colored gummy bears on the wall in the stairwell of each floor of the parking lot. Each color coordinates with a different level.

Thanks a lot friendly Samaritan, for the helpful reminder that I parked on Green Gummy bear level (a.k.a. level three.)

Find something random or weird on campus? Snap a picture and send it to!

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Student dancers appear in music video directed by PBA alum

Three PBA students, Junior Chiara Casiraghi, sophomore Etta Preist and freshman Tiffany Teate, were recently featured in Christian recording artist Philip LaRue‘s latest music video for his single, “Chasing the Daylight.” The video features LaRue’s band playing the hit song on the beach while the Casiraghi and the other dancers performed some moves on the sand. The video was directed by another local, alum student Noah Carlson. Check it out here!

We recently caught up with Casiraghi to find out what it was like to work on set and how everything came together.

“Being in the video was a lot of fun I really enjoyed every aspect. The rehearsals, going on “set” to see what we would be dancing on, hanging out with Phillip, meeting his wife and baby, and hanging out with all the crew. And I loved the filming because it was so professional and serious, we were all focused on doing our best. The dancing part of the shoot took about one day.

Noah Carlson, the director, got my number from a mutual friend because he wanted dancers and a choreographer. We met and discussed what he was looking for regarding the video. I showed him some videos of me and my choreography. Ultimately it was Phillips who had the final say and I was very happy to have been chosen to work for them”

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Photo of the week: First annual Strongman competition draws crowds

Photo by Kristina WebbThe first annual Strong man competition took place this Thursday, April 23, to a crowd of over 100 people outside the Greene complex. Tim Wysocki came out victorious as the first place winner over the six other competitors in events such as the truck pull and tire throw. For full coverage, check out the Beacon issue coming out this Monday!

Check out some of the photos of the event snapped by Beacon Photo Editor Kristina Webb.

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Beacon gets exclusive update on presidential search; 8 applicants expected to be interviewed soon

An inside source spoke to us this morning on the highly secretive presidential search process. The presidential search committee has kept the details of the potential candidates extremely confidential but we were able to get some details from a credible inside source.

According to our source, there have been 70 inquiries and referrals for the presidential position since Dr. David W. Clark’s resignation was announced.

Out of those inquiries, the presidential search committee is seriously considering eight applicants, all eight of which are qualified and available to take over the presidential position this summer. There is still some reference checking to be done but the committee is expecting to begin interviews soon.

Finally, committee members are confident that a new president will be chosen this summer, just in time for Clark’s resignation on June 30.

We’re doing our best to stay on top of this story for you and we’ll be making information available as it is known.

Got a lead? Let us know at

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Beacon Comic: Excellent Ellie in Action!

Pt. 1Part 2

Graphic by the Beacon’s resident cartoon artist, Valerie Mojica.

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We got a little excited about this


Another late night at the Beacon office has us going crazy. But we stumbled upon this during our last layout session of the year, set to come out on April 27th (this upcoming Monday). Our photo-shopped “Sea Kitten”   pictures come up when you Google search Palm Beach Atlantic University chapel credits. WIN.

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