PBA Local sits down with future Student Government president Bethany Williams

Bethany Williams, incoming SG presidentPBA Local staff contributor Eileen Louissant sat down with soon-to-be president of Student Government, junior Bethany Williams, to talk about the future of Student Government and the changes she’d like to make next year. Get the exclusive inside scoop below including fun facts about Williams and why ‘The Weepies’ are really cool right now.

Who: Bethany Williams

Year: Junior

Major: History with a minor in English

Place of Origin: Bermuda

Current residence: Tampa, Florida

PBAL: What kinds of changes will you be making next year as SG President?
Williams: I really want students to see Student Government. Lately, we have been talking about having more fun events while also communicating what is going on with student suggestions. (Williams is referring to the Student Suggestion Box located in the Student Lassiter Center.)

PBAL: What do you think Student Government could have done better this year?
Williams: The main thing is letting people know what we’re doing. We would like to tell students the information we get from administration, on what’s going on at our university and why changes are being made, in a more effective manner.

PBAL: What will SG do to shed more light on what the council is doing on campus?
Williams: I think that communication is most important and unfortunately the student/faculty forums have not worked successfully. For next year, we have bounced around ideas like having random football games or slip and slides. That way when students are passing by and see all the excitement and ask, ‘who is that?’ We can say, ‘Oh, that’s student government.’ And pass out flyers on what is going on at school.

PBAL: What do you believe is your biggest accomplishment?
Williams: Well, last semester I studied at Oxford. That challenged and changed me a lot.

PBAL: How do you feel about working with PBA’s future president next year?
Williams: I’m really excited.

PBAL: How would your friends describe you?
Williams: They always call me a nerd, but in a loving way. Probably loyal and silly as well.
PBAL: How would your parents describe you?
Williams: Crazy. I’m definitely the one they never know what to expect.
PBAL: What is your favorite Bible verse?
Williams: Can I say an entire chapter? Probably Psalms 139.

Random facts:
PBAL: What is your dream vacation?
Williams: I would love to go to Bermuda!
PBAL: Calling or texting?
Williams: Texting.
PBAL: Pen or pencil?
Williams: Pen

PBAL: Hobbies?
Williams: Well, besides student government [chuckles] I am now a big boating girl. I love boating! I’m also a nanny and work in my church’s nursery.
PBAL: What is your favorite type of music?
Williams: It’s changed recently. Now it’s more indie and “folksy”. I am really big on the band The Weepies right now.
PBAL: Pets?
Williams: Yes, a dog named Jake.
PBAL: Are you romantically involved?
Williams: Oh, Interesting question…
PBAL: Siblings?
Williams: Yup! Three sisters and one brother
PBAL: Where do you like to shop?
Williams: I love Anthropologie. I go to places like Dillards a lot. But, I’d have to say my biggest one is Target.
PBAL: Part-time job?

Williams: I work at The Breakers, in the Design Studio as a floral production assistant.

Writer’s Note: At the end of our interview, two of Williams’ friends were passing by and she began telling them about her weekend in Orlando. She went into details about how she had the glorious opportunity to touch hands with shooting guard, J.J. Redick, at an Orlando Magic game. When she turned around to see that I was still recording her conversation, she chuckled and added as she raised her right hand, “It was this hand! And Dwight Howard’s too.” Looks like she’s also a baskettball fan.

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