PBA community mourns the death of beloved cafeteria worker Annette Benoit

Annette BenoitPBA cafeteria worker Annette Benoit, 55,  passed away on March 13, 2009 after an extended illness and eight days in the hospital. Benoit was a loved member of the PBA community and worked behind the scenes in the cafeteria for nine years. Details on the specific cause of her death and memorial service are still unknown.

According to the her direct supervisor, Gwen Latham, Sodexo has paid for her funeral home services after her unexpected death. Friends and family members are awaiting for Benoit’s brother to arrive in West Palm Beach in order to schedule a memorial service.

“She was one of a kind,” said Latham who worked with Benoit for five years. “She was always on time, dependable and she was loved.”

Fellow PBA dining worker Francine Walters spent every day with Benoit at St. Mary’s hospital during her eight day stay because she, “didn’t want her to be alone.”

Although Benoit faced various liver problems before her death, workers were still shocked when the news of her passing was announced.

“Everyone was devastated,” Latham said. “It’s still a shock and it’s really taken a toll on everyone.”

Details on her memorial service will be updated once they are made known.

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