Pump up the Volume: Music ban lifted in campus fitness center

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By Stephanie Wilson

Music ban is lifted, Mar. 1, after nearly a month of silence in the Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Greene Complex. Complaints about the audio selection came once a week or once every few weeks, leading Greene officials to the decision to halt the privilege indefinitely.

“I hated it,” said senior Chance Sumner. “I just like sound, whether that’s rock, rap or polka; I don’t like the quietness of the gym.

The recent music hiatus has been causing a stir throughout the student body, since some depend on it to help boost their work out.  For many students who frequently use the facilities, the ban made their time in the gym a less than appealing experience. The silence was filled with uncomfortable grunts, noisy machines and loud conversations that dominated the airspace.

“It just wasn’t the same” says sophomore Brandon Knight, who usually brings his i-pod to work out but also enjoys the music provided. During the month of silence students made their voices heard by filling the comments box to capacity requesting that the music be turned back on.

“I’m glad they just put something on,” Sumner said. “I just want some kind of noise”,

Greene officials grew weary of hearing complaints about the music selection.

“It was mostly the Christian rap that talked about ‘getting crunk for Jesus’ that turned a student off,” says Nick Rasek, a PBA gym employee and grad student.  

Gym administration has made efforts to boost the music selection, but remains extremely cautious to refrain from playing offensive music. Although Greene Staff are sensitive to student’s musical preferences, their primary concern is to follow guidelines set by upper management.

“No one wants to lose their job right now,” Rasek said.

The Greene Complex supports spinning secular music during events like Welcome Week, Lip Sync and other athletic games but  Rasek believes that the refusal to play “harmless songs” in the gym can be viewed as contradictory.

“I suggested taking secular songs and removing the lyrics, using just instrumentals,” said Rasek. “But they didn’t like that idea because the song and the meaning behind it would still be the same.”

Local business owner, Craig Campbell, of Palm Beach Fitness on Chilean Avenue, has also recently faced a similar music predicament in his fitness facility.  Clients were repeatedly criticizing the audio selection and one member even canceled his membership due to his urgent request for an ultra fast, dance club style station being denied.

“We try to play music everyone can enjoy,” says Campbell, who admits to being slightly annoyed when members whine about the selection being played. “You can’t please everyone, so try to please the majority.”

As of now, the music at the Greene Complex has been turned back on, and there are no plans in the near future to once again silence the fitness center.


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    This new PBA Local thing is pretty cool. Keep it up!

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