Trend Alert: I give you TOMS, coming to campus soon

TOMS shoesPBA Local contributor Eileen Louissaint is the Spring Intern for the TOMS shoe company.

By Eileen Louissaint

Three  TOMS Shoes representatives will be on the Palm Beach Atlantic University campus Fri. March 6 to show the TOMS shoes documentary and host a “Style Your Sole” party where participants can design their own TOMS shoes.

The representatives, or “Vegabonds,” will be showing the documentary, “For Tomorrow,” in the Weyenberg Center at 11 a.m. The film is a behind the scenes peak at the TOMS shoes brand and will include the story of its history, its mission, and provide a visual of how TOMS is planning to impact the world. The “Style Your Sole” party will be immediately following the screening.

But I know you must be asking, “What is TOMS?”

TOMS Shoes is a non-profit company that provides a pair of shoes to a child in need through the purchase of one pair. In TOMS terms, “One for One.”

Blake Wycoskie first began the organization in May 2006 after a trip to Argentina. Wycoskie was struck by the poverty in the region and the  health issues that were burdening the lives of the children. He wanted to make a better TOMorrow and recreated the traditional Argentinean workmen shoe, the “alpargata,” for the U.S. market.

When Wycoskie said that he wanted to create a company that provided a free pair of shoes for every pair bought, his confiders scoffed in his face finding his idea to be foolish. Today, over 115, 000 pairs of shoes have been provided to children in need around the world.

The slip-on shoes are carried in men’s, women’s, and tiny TOMS and a full inventory can be seen on thier website. Prices range between $44 to $100 per pair.

Apart from the TOMS charitable mission, some are claiming that the shoes are becoming the new Vans, a similar sneaker trend that gained national attention.  The brand is quickly becoming a trend and even top magazines such as Vogue, TeenVogue, The Oprah Magazine, TIME, InStyle, Elle and more have featured the TOMS shoes company.

The shoes sent overseas have given those less fortunate a safer means to walk to work, school, and to get food, water, shelter or medical help. Not to mention it has also been a leading factor in preventing the leading plague, especially in developing countries where diseases are transmitted through the soil and are easily picked up by walking barefoot.


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5 responses to “Trend Alert: I give you TOMS, coming to campus soon

  1. Great post, Eileen! I will definitely be there Friday at 11.

  2. cheybeachgirl88

    It’s about time we had something like this come to PBA! I love the coverage of this event! Keep up the great work ladies!

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  4. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Gorgeous .. Remarkable …

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