Discovered: That’s a sock.

Transferring to Palm Beach Atlantic from Palm Beach Community College, I thought more of an effort of cleanliness would be made here. However, it seems I was wrong.

Last semester, I was shocked one day to discover a discarded pair of panties on the walkway between Oceanview and Baxter. I had noticed some pretty weird stuff around campus already: an empty beer bottle near Rinker, a wadded-up tissue with a cigarette butt stuffed into it next to Lassiter and various other oddities. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for the panties.

I don’t think the word “skeezed” even begins to cover it. Skeezed is better used when referring to this clip from For the Love of Ray J, which was featured on The Soup. I think the better word was nauseated, perhaps with a twinge of appalled.

Like so many other students, I walked past. What was I supposed to do? Stop and pick them up? … I don’t think so.

So here’s where this has been going: today, around 4:15 p.m., I found a sock.

This sock was located, no pun intended, approximately a foot from the dumpster next to Pembroke. It is in the same general location as the panties, but I’m led to believe it belongs to someone else (I’m hoping it belongs to someone else) because it looks like a man’s sock.

Also for your consideration, dear reader: the numerous cigarette butts located in the vicinity of the sock.

I don’t even live on campus and I’m disgusted. I can’t imagine how the residents feel.

Find something random on campus? Snap a pic and send it to us at


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