Beacon Features: New hot spot, lake avenue, offers students discounts

This article originally appeared in The Beacon student newspaper on March 3, 2009.

By Evelyn Ticona

During a typical Friday afternoon, you’ve had a busy week: exams, quizzes and papers. It’s time to relax now.  To take a walk, go to a restaurant, get some ice cream or maybe go shopping on your college-student budget. City Place and Clematis Avenue are the most popular destinations for Palm Beach Atlantic University students to go in their free time.

Ten minutes from PBA, students can find places to hang out and have fun. One hidden secret is Lake Avenue.

Lake Avenue, located in the heart of downtown Lake Worth, has a collection of restaurants including a coffee house, steak house, ice creamery, a sports store, and many other businesses.

Rita’s, an ice cream shop, opened a new franchise in Lake Worth in the second week of January. Rita’s originated in Pennsylvania and has been serving the public for 25 years. They mostly serve Italian ice, custard, gelati (their trademark)  and for those who are cautious about their health, Rita’s also offers sugar-free flavors every day.

“Cherry is one of the most popular sugar-free flavors,” said Jude Blessington, owner at the Lake Avenue location.

A regular gelati costs $2.99, and students can get a 10 percent discount with a valid student ID.

Dave’s Last Resort & Raw Bar, located at 632 Lake Avenue, is a restaurant that serves a wide variety of food. Their menu ranges from wings, burgers and sandwiches, pasta, wraps, salads, seafood and tacos.

“Food is cheap here, and it’s a nice and laid-back place to eat,” said Lee Mern, a server at Dave’s. The price range at this restaurant is about $10-$15 for a meal.

Brogues Restaurant and Irish Pub is located on 621 Lave Avenue, right in front of Dave’s Last Resort.

“On March 15 we will celebrate our sixth anniversary, and we’ll have specials on that day,” said Marissa Minton, manager at Brogues.

Among their specialties are “fishing chips,” their clever name for French fries and potato leak soup.

“Brogues is a good place for a nice dinner for two and also a party. After dinner people can also hang out or dance with the live music groups that we have,” Minton said.

Every week different bands play a variety of genres of music such as punk alternative music and Irish music every Wednesday. Price range varies depending on the food. A meal can be $11.95 to $18.95.

Pizza is always an option when you can’t decide what to eat and Downtown Pizza, located on 608 Lake Avenue, has several secret family recipes for you to enjoy.

“It’s fast and we have a good environment and most importantly good food. People come here and usually come back,” said server Calvin Schuler.

Though their specialty is pizza, they also offer pasta, salads and Italian subs. The price range here is about $12.

For those students who are recreation oriented, Island Water Sports (located on 728 Lake Avenue) has been in the business for the last 30 years. With an inventory that includes hats, sunglasses, shirts, swimsuits, skirts, shorts, sandals and boards, students will find what they need to practice their favorite sport. They can also get the most exclusive brands such as Arnette, Quicksilver, Roxy, Reef and O’Neill.

“People mostly buy sandals and sunglasses,” said Hollan Bell, a sales representative at Island Water Sports.

A 10 percent discount is available for students who bring a copy of this article (surfing boards are excluded).

Lake Avenue has plenty of other stores and is definitely a different option for all Palm Beach Atlantic students to spend time in a new place and have fun with friends.


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  1. Hi Evelyn. I liked your article very much. Congratulations.

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