Time Wasters: Facebook Trends

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You would be kidding yourself if you denied the feeling of instant excitement when you see the little red box in the corner of your Facebook home screen. “Creepy McCreeperson has tagged you in a photo.” Maybe it’s a picture from the party you went to last night or maybe it’s a throwback from the good ole’ days as a carefree freshman.

But, to your dismay, it’s a cartoon sheet with different “cute” little personalities meant for tagging your friends in, linking each personality to someone in your posse.  As you feverishly search for your name, your heart drops as the tag reads, “the geeky one,”or “the drama queen.” You feel your face begin to redden a bit, partially from laughter and partially from the disappointment that you weren’t “the good friend” or perhaps “the cutie pie.”

FACEBOOK TRENDS. Social networking’s guilty pleasures that some can’t help but dabble in.

You know what they are: “25 things that no one knows,” bumper stickers, the photo application that places your face on billboards and magazine covers. All time consuming activities that catch on pretty quickly in the cyber world that everyone eventually seems to use and abuse.

It first comes to your attention while you are surfing the net during your Humanities class after Friend “A” fills it out. Maybe it seems funny and you even enjoy reading it, or half of it, even though you already know most of the facts about that person.  But, during the hour-and-fifteen minute Thursday class, you notice Friends “B,” “C,” and “S” –  “Z”, have also jumped on the trend train, spiking your notifications count at an alarming rate and cluttering your wall with tags.

The latest movement such as, “1,000 cool things about me I want you to read” or “If you were a food, you would be this” have slowly begun making their way through Facebook.
As everyone leaps on the band wagon, you start to become slightly annoyed when all of your 819 “friends” start to participate. You secretly begin to de-tag your first-middle-last name Facebook account out of mild disgust and indignation for a petty online feature that wastes time and resembles something you once were apart of in the junior years of middle school.

Thoughts like, “doesn’t anyone else have homework?,” or “I can’t believe people actually do this” cross your mind as you move on to photo stalk the campus’s latest week-long engagement.

And, for just a second, you linger on the “25 things about me page,” pondering if you should fill one out yourself just for kicks. Nah, not this time. There will be another hot Facebook trend to consider next week.


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One response to “Time Wasters: Facebook Trends

  1. Jen

    SO TRUE! Facebook is becoming like myspace more and more every day….sad..

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