Beacon News: Film students win national competition

This article first appeared in The Beacon student newspaper on February 23, 2009

By Katie Schnack

Four Palm Beach Atlantic University students recently traveled to the National  Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tenn. and won first place in a 36-hour film competition, bringing home $28,000 worth of prizes.

Junior Lucas Colombo, senior Delysabel Mojica, junior Danielle Navish and sophomore Ryan Jenson all participated in the competition. All four participants are Cinema and Television, Film Track, majors.

The event brought together Christian broadcast students from all over the nation to attend seminars, meet media professionals and compete in different film challenges.

Dean of Communication Duane Meeks and Assistant Professor of Broadcasting Dan Waldrop accompanied the students, as well as PBA’s President Dr. David W. Clark, who received the NRB William Ward Ayer Award for 2009, one of the NRB’s highest awards for service.

The students competed against five other schools in a film challenge. Each group was given 36 hours to prepare a five-minute film presentation portraying a specific Bible verse.

The challenge was presented at  9 p.m. on Feb. 6.   Along with  presenting an overall message, each group was given a list of ten story elements, of which three had to be included in the final project.

“I got about three hours of sleep over a forty hour span,” Colombo said.

The students shot the footage until 5:30 a.m. Saturday, woke up four hours later, and continued working until 7:30 Sunday morning.

“We learned about how to work together,” Navish said.  “Luckily our team’s personalities worked very well together, even at five in the morning.”

Their film was shown at a banquet in front of hundreds of student participants. After the film was shown, all four team members went on stage before a panel of judges, comprised of media professionals and received critiques.

While the judges were making their final decisions, a “peoples choice” poll was taken that had audience members text in who they thought the winner should be.

The PBA team received 55 percent of those votes.

“That’s when I leaned over to Dean Meeks and said ‘I think we are going to win!’” Waldrop said of the moment.

After a sleepless night and hours of solid dedication, the team members couldn’t contain themselves and started screaming and jumping when they saw the team’s picture on the big screen, meaning they had won the entire competition.

Last year, two PBA students participated in the 36-hour competition, but did not place.

Waldrop first started the film competition while serving as the chairman for the Intercollegiate National Religious Broadcasters and it was very exciting for him to see his own students win.

“I was out of my seat! My arms were raised and I was yelling ‘yes’ at the top of my lungs,” Waldrop said.

The students won a brand new high definition camera, as well as audio equipment.

This is the first high definition camera that PBA will own.

Each student also received a $5,000 scholarship to Regent University.

“The outcome to me didn’t matter as long as we put out a good product,” Navish said. “But the winning is a nice luxury. I had such strong faith in our team and then just left the rest to the judges and to God.”


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