Beacon News: Cold Kerosene wins Battle of Bands

This article first appeared in the Beacon student newspaper on Februrary 23, 2009

By: Kristina Webb

Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Rubin Arena was illuminated by the bright lights of Battle of the Bands on Sunday, Feb. 15.

Parents, faculty, staff and current and prospective students gathered to watch students perform on stage for a chance to win a paid performance at the Coffeehouse on March 17.

“Winning first place was something unexpected, for certain,” said  senior Ben Lusk, singer and guitarist for the band Cold Kerosene. “We were probably as surprised as anyone but very grateful and excited. It’s something else when people affirm your art as an effort that they appreciate and can partner with you in.”

Not only did the band members receive the opportunity of a paid performance, but they also won a $50 gift card to George’s Music and a gold record for each member of the band.Bryan Reynolds placed second, and was awarded a $50 gift card to George’s Music, along with a silver record for both him and his drummer, senior Tim Ariza.

“I was against greatly amazing competition and actually didn’t expect to [win],” Reynolds said. “It felt great.”

Victoria Don’t Tell Nobody was awarded third place. Other bands that participated were Very Zonka, Anchor of Hope, Friar, Breakaway and 8’s and Aces.

Lusk said he appreciated the overall experience, and the opportunity to learn “a lot about our style of performance, and what we’d like to change or improve.”

Each band was allotted 11 minutes to set up, play one or two songs and tear down equipment. Whereas last year incorporated two stages for bands to play, this year only one was used.

“It turned out to be much better,” said Hilary Sticht, an on-campus assistant with Student Activities. “We actually so far have heard nothing but good feedback.”

Senior Priscilla Patino and sophomore Trent Stephens were acting emcees at this year’s event.

As the judges’ votes were tallied, the audience was treated to a surprise performance by M. Lot, the pseudonym of sophomore Garrett Render.

The crowd cheered as Render took the stage with musician and guest judge Josiah Potter.

“Out of all the times I’ve ever performed in my life,” Render said, “Battle of the Bands 2009 was definitely my favorite. All the support from my friends and having my family there made it an amazing experience.”


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